If you are interested in food, restaurants and cafés, visiting Copenhagen is something of a treat. The city is bursting with eateries of all sorts, with something for everyone, regardless of what you fancy.

So, sit down, take a deep breath and think about what you would like to eat. Then book a flight to Denmark and a room at a hotel in Copenhagen and you are in for a real treat. Do note that some of the restaurants are popular so bookings may be required.

BBQ in Denmark?

Yes! And it is deliciously well executed! Warpigs, the brewpub cum bbq joint owned by the brewer Mikkeller is the place to visit for anyone fancying a real meat and beer experience, Danish style.

Naturally, the selection of beers is huge and offers any beer lover ample choice. The 22 taps are updated daily, so talk to the barkeep to know what to try.

The menu offers different meat cuts, all slowly smoked to juicy perfection, and tasty sides. Although there are veggie alternatives, the meat is the main player. For any sweet tooth, there are a couple of pies to round off the meal.

Set Dinner Surprise

Radio is a fancy eating with a warm and welcoming atmosphere kind of place. The chefs behind Radio are all seasoned guys who have done the duty at famous places such as Noma, Geist and Søllerød Kro. At Radio, they have created an eatery with a strong focus on locally produced ingredients.

The menu is changed monthly, and the dishes are described only by the main ingredients. The dinner choices are between 3 or 4 dishes, or you can have the “YES CHEF to everything” package, where you are served 7 dishes with paired wines.

Street Food

The street food market at Reffen is the home of more than 50 chefs, cooking up the most delicious dishes you can imagine, and then some. Reffen is an outdoor place, open only during the summer season and the first day of 2020 is March 27.

Once you have entered Reffen, there is no need to go anywhere else. you will have more than enough choices, and if you are the slightest interested in food, you will find yourself with a full stomach and you mind buzzing with the taste experiences.

Among the stalls you will find burgers, Nepalese food, Jamaican Jerk, sushi, tacos, pasta, pizza and much more. Probably you will find that one day is not enough to do Reffen justice, so don’t put off the visit to your last day.