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4 Historical Places to Go In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city that is filled with rich history and things to do. So why not combine these and experience the historical side of Copenhagen? There’s each person. So in this blog post, we’ll show you the four best places to go in Copenhagen.

If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading!

#1 – Explore the Kronbord Castle

The list won’t be complete without a visit to a castle. And in Copenhagen, there are multiple of them. So why not start by looking at Kronborg Castle? It’s one of the finest Renaissance castles in the area and a UNESCO world heritage!

So there are a lot of exciting things to discover!

#2 – Conquer the Seas in Roskilde

Not into exploring castles? Well, then why relive the history by going to Roskilde? It’s a town near Copenhagen that lets you see many historical sites. But apart from that, you can set sail and conquer the seas with a real-life Viking longship.

There you can enjoy views of Denmark landscape.

#3 – Explore Nyhavn

Nyhavn should be a top priority for your Copenhagen trip, even if you’re no history buff. That’s because of the most iconic Copenhagen sights. It’s a place where old and colorful houses are separated by a canal.

And there, you can find many great cafés and restaurants.

#4 – Experience the Institute of Wonder’s Treasure Hunt

Looking for something that you can only experience in Copenhagen? Look no further than the Institute of Wonder’s Treasure Hunt! With it, you get a self-guided tour where you solve puzzles while discovering the secret parts of the city and learning its rich history.


And those four places we recommend you to go. Each is unique and offers a fantastic experience. However, if you’re looking for a <a href=>hotel in copenhagen</a>, why not try out Villa Copenhagen?

It’s a comfortable place to stay, with good food and luxury rooms!

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