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Smart marketing for restaurants

Now when take away is more relevant than ever it is more important than ever for restaurants to be visible online and to use the appropriate tools and venues available for increased revenue. Food apps are one of the central tools available online for restaurants and cafés that want to reach new and returning customers online. It is so easy for people to order food with food apps and although the app platforms do take a significant cut, it tends to be worth it because of what you get in return.

A restaurant that is established online can also use a marketing automation ecommerce platform for increase the sales further, especially if the brand also creates products of different kinds. A café may for example also roast their own coffee beans or have a bakery on the side which can also be available in your own web shop. And in that case you get to keep more of the sales.

With a marketing automation platform you can tend to your customers really well, send out offers on special occasions, on their birthdays and when you run promotions. We also recommend that you leave a leaflet in your takeaway bags and you might also want to consider tailoring an offer for this purpose. People love to get something little extra for free, even if it is just a 10% discount. It is a nice way to show your customers that you really appreciate their business, which increases the chance that they will continue supporting you.

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