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Mindfulness And Going to Bars?

Wait, what? Mindfulness and bars? Really? They don’t seem to match at all! Well, no, actually being in the bar and mindfulness are not really compatible. However, if you like trying out new bars and are always looking for the best one, then your chase offers great possibilities for practicing mindfulness. Especially at the moment, when most of us tend to limit our visits to public eateries and bars, and some of us are not even permitted to visit them. 

How, you might ask. Well, let me tell you. 

Start Journaling

Yes, you heard me. Buy a notebook, and use it for writing about the bars and cafés you have visited. Note down such things as the date you visited it, a typical drink offered, perhaps the price of a comparison drink. And then, the most important: your impression of the bar. 

Personalize your notebook to make it more fun. You can make custom holographic stickers online, doodle a few bits and bobs. Use different colours and styles, and even different formats, and voila! you have a bullet journal for bars!  

But Mindfulness?

Being in the moment, noting down all the little things about the bar and writing by hand is an act of being in the moment and that is what mindfulness is all about. It is absolutely possible to practice mindfulness by doing something you love.

And as a bonus, you will have a great source of information about different drinking places. Perhaps one day you use your journal for some other project, and share all your information with the rest of the world?

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