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3 Instagram Ad Mistakes to Avoid

Instagram is a fantastic platform! In there, it’s easier than ever to build your brand and sell tons of products. However, most advertisers don’t understand how to use Instagram effectively! That leads to a lot of dollars wasted and lost revenue.

However, if you can avoid these three Instagram Ad mistakes, you can benefit from this platform. So if that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

Mistake #1 – Only Focused on Short-Term

The biggest problem with current advertisers is that they think too short-term. They want to convert a complete stranger into your brand’s raving fan in minutes.

So what can you do differently?

Well, instead of asking for a sale, try to build a community first. Nurture them and make them interested in your product by consistently posting pictures and videos. And only then can you start selling your products!

This way, you’ll save a lot of dollars, even if it means you’re ads won’t bring any conversions for a while.

Mistake #2 – Creating Content That Doesn’t Resonate With Your Target Market

Another problem with many marketers is creating content that they like instead of creating content that your audience cares about.

But how do you create content that your audience cares about? Two words, Market Research!

Spy on your competitors, look at what content resonates with their audience the most. Then just steal their idea, add a little twist, and you’ve just created content that your audience cares about.


And those were the two biggest mistakes that you should avoid. And once you do, you should see an increase in conversion in a few weeks! And if you want to confirm that your Instagram ads are actually profitable, I suggest you track your poas bidding with Kuvio. That way, you’ll know if you’re profitable without guesswork.

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