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Use Props From Cafés For a Children’s Party

If you love visiting cafés, you have probably seen the inside of many of them. So why not use the best ideas as props when you arrange a children’s party? Or a grown up’s party for that matter. Name a child or adult who wouldn’t love ordering their cupcake and soda or coffee over a counter! 

And it doesn’t have to be neither time consuming nor difficult to arrange. 

The Café Counter

THe most important part is of course the café counter. It is easily made from a side table that you put cloth or paper around so you can’t see through it. If you have a kitchen counter accessible from two sides you can naturally use it. 

Arrange the goods to be “sold” on the counter, and place small signs indicating the different varieties. Use a custom sticker maker to get the real café feeling. While you’re at it, make Happy Birthday stickers as well to use for general decoration. 

Don’t forget to offer small guests straws and napkins from a stand, all to make it more like a real café. For extra effect, if the guests are a bit older, you can create fake money that the guests can use to pay for their goods. 

Arrange the Tables

At most parties, the children are sat at one single table. At a café, there are instead many smaller tables. Imitate this by using garden tables or other small tables. If you don’t have enough for all the guests, borrow from friends, or even the guest’s parents.

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