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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Stickers

Making your own stickers is both a fun and a rewarding experience. You’ll be designing an idea in your head into a beautiful sticker that you can stick anywhere from a laptop to your car bumper. 

But this experience can get quite stressful if you don’t avoid these 3 mistakes. If you won’t, you’ll just have to redo it all over again. So without further ado, let’s learn from these mistakes.

No Room For Bleed

If you’re looking to send your designs to a sticker printing company, you must add some bleed to your design. But what is bleed? Well, it’s basically some extra space for the cutting machine. This will give it some room for error, so it won’t cut out anything important!

So always add some bleed before sending it to the printers.

Low-Quality Files

So you’ve got your design! Now all you have to do is print. And you did it, but there’s something wrong. The sticker looks blurry! Why did it happen?

Well, that might have been because your files were low-quality. So make sure it’s a high-definition image. Then you can be sure that all your details will be printed.

P.S When you’re printing, make sure you use the highest quality as well.

Using Bad Colours

Colour choice matters! Some will make your sticker look impressive, while others turn it into a mess. So, what colour combinations should you avoid? There’s many of them, but here are a few:

  • White text on black background. It’s best to avoid this combination due to being hard to read. 
  • Similar Colours. While it doesn’t look bad on your computer, it’s a different story on paper. Due to the limitations of most printers, the colours will merge into one.
  • Using Gradient Colours. While gradient colours look great, they do not work for stickers. If you genuinely want one with those colours, you need to have a high-quality printer!


And these are the mistakes. Now you can make the best stickers possible! But if you want the best-looking ones, I recommend you to get your  customizable stickers at Stickerapp. There you’ll be able to get them printed for a reasonable price with high-quality materials.

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