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The #1 Icelandic Speciality

When you think about Iceland, what comes to mind in terms of food? Perhaps you have heard about the traditional snack of small cubes of rotten shark which smell so bad that you almost pass out when you open the jar? Well, it is a speciality for sure, but perhaps one for a chosen few vikings out there. We personally prefer to recommend people to try Reykjavik’s best hot dogs, sold at the tiny hot dog stand Bæjarins Bestu. Perhaps it sounds like a silly trend that comes and goes just like so many new places around London – they just last a few months until they are replaced by something new – but Bæjarins Bestu is absolutely here to stay. They have been in business for over 60 years, and it is the first stop the Icelanders make when they return to Iceland after a long time abroad.

What is so special about these hot dogs? They are made from a blend of beef, lamb, and pork. To get the real deal you order it “með öllu”, which means that you want it with everything. Somehow, they magically manage to fit a generous amount of crunchy deep fried onions, raw onions, sweet brown mustard, and a creamy remoulade in one hot dog bun. The result? You’ll want another one. And another one. Until you’re so full that you can’t stand up anymore. Safe to stay that it’s best to order at least two because the line to BB tends to be really long. Some locals have made stickers of the Bæjarins Bestu logo. You can easily print stickers online with the Sticker app.

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