Nordic Cuisine

Delicious Nordic Dishes Worth Trying

The Nordic region attracts many tourists who visit to explore the beautiful architecture and landscapes. The region’s cuisine is another major attraction, especially for the people who enjoy treating their palate to different experiences. There are many kinds of delicious Nordic dishes that you should try, some of which are highlighted below.


Different people refer to ollebrod as beer bread. It is an exotic Nordic food that is made by adding beer to the dough form a delicious porridge-like meal. The beer used is non-alcoholic, in which leftover rye bread is soaked. The mixture is then cooked with several ingredients added to make it taste heavenly. A little honey, sugar, or fruit is added in the dish after cooking to reduce bitterness. For a tangy taste, orange zest can also be added.


Isterband is a type of sausage that is made using ground pork, barley, and potatoes. The three-ingredients mixture is then filled into sausage casings and left close to an open fireplace to dry. Fermentation takes place during the drying period, which gives the sausage a sour flavor. A characteristic feature of the Isterband is that it can be preserved for a long time without going bad.

Open-Faced Sandwich

The open-faced sandwich is also called Smorrebrod in the Nordic region. It has become so popular in recent times that it is considered a trend. It is made using fish, vegetables, and eggs, all placed as toppings on a base of rye bread. The sandwich can be served with mayo, chives, and potatoes.


Not all the delicacies are about preparation. Cloudberry is a rare type of fruit that grows in the Arctic climates. Finding it can be quite difficult even in the Nordic region, but that is where your chances of finding them are best. They have a tart taste and are usually used to prepare syrups, soups, and compotes for meats.

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