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Exploring Bergen As a Foodie

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, and it may seem an unlikely destination from a foodie perspective. But, as the log lady in Twin Peaks stated, the owls are not what they seem. Book a room at a nice hotel in Bergen Norway and bring clothes with plenty of space for eating. 

And when packing, don’t forget your umbrella. Bergen proudly boasts more than 200 days of rain per year. Sometimes it is called the rainiest city in the world. But, by all means, don’t let that keep you away from this lovely town on the west coast of Norway. The food and the views are well worth the visit.  

Bergen is a perfect place to discover the Nordic and Norwegian cuisine. The city has lots of restaurants in all price ranges, catering for both high-end tourists and the local students. With almost 10% of the city’s population being students, the social scene is very active, and you are more than likely to find events such as concerts any night of the week.  


At Lysverket Christopher Haatuft rules the kitchen. And he does so with the intense love for the ingredients and a great delicacy in handling them. With Bergen situated almost on the sea, naturally the menu at Lysverket comprises fish and seafood in various combinations. 

However, the inland ingredients with great vegetables and meat are also allowed on the menu, although not in any abundance. 

Lysverket is located at the KODE museum.

Cornelius Seafood

You reach Cornelius Seafood via boat, as it is located at an islet off Bergen. The trip takes 25 minutes, and gives you amazing views of Bergen and the surrounding mountains. 

The food is prepared based on the weather and what the fishermen have caught. And with those conditions, it is easy to realise that the menu is based on fish and seafood. For a really unique experience, go for the tasting of local shellfish at the raw bar. You will get to try things that you did not know were edible, and experience the true sensation of the sea. 

The boat trip to and from the restaurant is included in the dinner price. Just don’t miss the departures. 

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