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Simplify Your Family Mornings

The sweet family chaos… Mornings where a sock is missing, the school tie can not be found, the tea is too hot and the jam makes a nice spot on the clean shirt. But despair not, there are ways to make mornings easier. 

First of all, make a schedule. It may seem like a silly idea, but the fact is it actually works. When you have planned how far you should have come at certain times, it is easier to ascertain that you will be on time, or whether you need to speed things up. 

Put Things Where They Belong

Again, it’s not news. But still, many of us have not implemented this. Order stickers at and assign drawers and hangers to each of the family members. That will at least theoretically give a smaller area where you look for the missing garments. 

With assigned drawers it can also be easier for children to find their own clothes and get dressed. As a bonus, you’ll also find it easier to sort the clean laundry when you have marked the children’s drawers. 

Make the Morning Schedule Visible

You don’t want to be stuck being the only one trying to keep to the schedule, so make it visible. Use a marker on a big sheet of paper, and put it on the wall where the whole family can see it. For maximum effect, put it next to a clock, and draw the position of the hands at each slot.

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