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Proper Way to Order a Drink

It doesn’t matter how many times you find yourself in a bar; you need to properly order a drink. This helps you request your favourite drink without making a fool of yourself. So how do you do it? Keep on reading to find out.

Step #1 – Approach Properly

The first step is to properly approach the bartender. Go to the order area, and try to make eye contact with the bartender. Once they see you, they’ll come to you and write down your order.

But what if it’s busy and filled with people?

Then what you shouldn’t do is shout or snap your fingers! He’s not your slave, so don’t act as you can treat him like one. Just be patient and respectful, and try to get an eye contact.

Step #2 – Order Your Drink

You’ve got the bartender’s attention. He’s ready for your order. Now you’ll have to tell what you want. By this stage, you should already have decided on your drink. No need to waste time!

So order your drink, and wait until the bartender finishes.

Also, when ordering, make sure you do these two things:

  • Order everything at once – If you’re in the bar with your friends, order every drink once. No need to waste bartenders time.
  • Tell drink specifications – It’s very crucial to tell your particular desires right then and there. For example, if you’re drinking whiskey, you should mention if you want it on the rocks (with ice) or neat (no ice).

Step #3 – Get Your Drink

Now all that is left is to wait until your drink is done! Let the bartender do his thing. Once it’s done, make sure to thank the bartender and leave a tip. Then enjoy your drink!

However, if it’s a crowded day, make sure you get away from the ordering station as soon as possible. Other people want to drink as well, so don’t be an asshole.


And that’s how you order a drink in a bar. So to recap, throughout the process, be respectful to the bartender and respect everybody’s time. When you follow this process, you’ll never make a fool out of yourself.

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