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Create Art at a Café

In order to create art, you have to let loose your creativity. For someone not used to doing that, it may seem like magic and that the conditions need to be just right and peace and quiet is needed. That is actually not the case at all, at least not for all artists. Some of us work just as well at a busy place, like a café or in a park.

As for artists, well, you don’t necessarily need to be an artist to make art. And art is a lot more than oil or watercolour paintings. 

Create Your First Piece of Art

First of all: don’t spend too much time planning and thinking about what to do. Just do it. Something. Whatever comes to mind. 

One example is to do a simplified and modernized decoupage work on a paper to be hung on a wall. Order stickers at, lots of them. Choose stickers with something in common, like a similar colour theme or figures that resemble one another. Then go to a café, order a cup of coffee and get to work. 

Lay the stickers out on the paper to get a feeling for the look. Don’t be afraid to rearrange them. Let the whole thing take its time. Perhaps you’ll need another cup of coffee. When you decide you are done, just peel the back of the stickers and glue them on the paper. Ta-dah! Your first piece of art. And hopefully a couple of really nice cups of coffee.

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